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Our Mission:

To unlock the full potential of our great cities to create a stronger, fairer economy and society

Our Vision:

For all our cities to be fully empowered to shape their own future.

Our Core Values:

  • We put our citizens at the heart of everything we do.
  • We are committed to shared leadership and working with others.
  • We believe solutions to some of our biggest challenges lie in the hands of local people and communities

Our Way of Working:

  • We are passionate and proud of the open, diverse and dynamic places we lead.
  • We base our ideas on our experience of what does and does not work on the ground.
  • We work across political parties and sectors, with government and its agencies, to get the best results we can.

Our Commitment to Change:

  • We will help to deliver a fairer, more productive and inclusive UK economy.
  • We will tackle the most challenging social and economic issues of our time, from homelessness to productivity.
  • We will change the relationship between our citizens and the state, renewing democracy and citizenship by giving people more say in how their money is spent where they live.
  • We want everyone to benefit from our vibrant and diverse city economies that drive our national economy.
  • We will work towards a ‘smarter state’, embracing innovative thinking to make our services more responsive, more joined up and ultimately more effective. 
  • We will continue our work to influence government, making sure the voice of our great cities is heard and acted upon.
  • We will continue to work together as a group to solve some of the everyday practical challenges our cities face.
  • We will set out the analysis and policy ideas that will allow us to deliver each of these things, working collaboratively with others including education and business.
  • We are committed to working internationally to boost our cities’ profile and learn from how other places create growth for everyone.