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Core Cities UK has welcomed Cities Outlook 2019, which details the effects on cities of continued austerity measures.

Cllr Judith Blake, Chair of Core Cities UK and Leader of Leeds City Council, said: 

“As we head towards spending review, hard-hitting reports like Cities Outlook underline the true cost of austerity on our citizens and how the policy has damaged our cities’ social and economic fabric. Core Cities UK argues that we must invest in our great cities, creating smarter public services that meet the needs and enhance the lives of our citizens. Cities are engines of the UK economy and cuts to services within them damage UK productivity and negatively impact on city communities that have high levels of deprivation and poverty. We must also give our cities greater freedoms and controls over the money they raise and spend.
“Investing in cities and bringing us up to the average economic output of our European equivalents will generate an extra £100bn for our economy every year, a massive economic boost at a vital time for our nation.”

Cities Outlook 2019 can be downloaded from the Centre for Cities website here