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"Today's Spending Round announcement was light on detail and short on ambition at what is a crucial time for our nation. It was also made against a background of continued political instability.

"While we welcome increases in resource, particularly around local bus services, the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and adult social care - a short term, one year, approach to public spending is not the answer.

"Core Cities UK has always argued that we must re-wire a system that is fundamentally dysfunctional. That is why we need a place-based approach to public spending that gives local places more control and provides multi year budgets so local leaders can plan for and meet challenges. This is the only way we can reduce deprivation and take a more proactive approach to save lives and money.

"We agree with the Government on the need to crack the productivity puzzle, but we will not do it through a centralised command and control model. Key to increasing productivity is a truly devolved skills and employment system and delivering national infrastructure, including HS2, Midlands Rail Hub and Northern Powerhouse Rail, in full. We are currently working with OECD on an inquiry into city productivity and look forward to talking to Government about its findings.

"Core Cities UK Leaders and Mayors will continue to work in partnership with Government across areas like industrial strategy, international trade and air quality, but one year spending rounds are not the way to rebalance our country or make sure our cities reach their full potential."