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As nations conclude their negotiations at a pivotal moment for humanity and for our planet, our cities urge them to make the right, the only possible choice and commit fully to accelerate Net Zero and to a just and fair transition.
What nations commit to, localities must deliver, and communities must support. This historic decision must therefore come with a recognition of the central role of cities and local government in delivery, and in listening and responding to communities, taking people with us on this journey.
The UK Cities Climate Investment Commission (UKCCIC) is a partnership between Connected Places Catapult, London Councils and the UK’s 11 Core Cities, whose urban areas, including many towns, deliver more than 50% of the UK economy, and are also responsible for 15% of emissions.  But these are also the places most capable of delivering change, at scale and at speed. 
And this is the opportunity we present, to ensure delivery of our ambitious national commitments through city and city region decarbonisation plans that are grounded in actual places and measurable outcomes set against hard deadlines.