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Manchester is a great city, but not all its residents have the same opportunities to be healthy and well, or to reach their full potential. Living in the least disadvantaged areas of Manchester will add more than 10% to typical life expectancy and this is all the more significant when you bear in mind that Manchester’s life expectancy decreased by almost two and a half times the national average following the COVID-19 pandemic.

It always seems impossible, until it’s done

Nelson Mandela

Making Manchester Fairer is the city’s new action plan to tackle that gap over the next five years, and into the future. The plan is based on what Manchester’s residents and staff from a range of organisations and agencies have told us in recent years, as well as the evidence of what works from research and experts on health inequalities.

Manchester will continue to work collaboratively with residents and organisations alike, so that the people who know the city best are at the heart of developing and delivering this plan.

Linked to Making Manchester Fairer is the city’s Anti-Poverty Strategy draws upon evidence from residents, organisations, and national research to produce evidenced based recommendations to tackle poverty, its causes, and consequences.