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A statement from Core Cities UK:

The ten Core Cities city regions are responsible for 20% of total UK trade exports and represent significant clusters of industrial assets, sectors, skills and businesses. Core Cities are also the UK’s most significant international centres for trade outside London.

We believe that relationships between city governments and institutions across Europe are vital to supporting trade and the modern labour market. A flow of products and services is important for the success of all city economies in the UK and the EU. We will continue to work with organisations like EUROCITIES to create a forum that allows continued joint working and dialogue.

Relationships with European cities will continue to be vital to our future success, regardless of whether we leave the European Union with a deal or without one. Regardless of what happens between the EU and the UK over the next few months, we will continue to safeguard and protect the interests of our 20 million citizens.

But Brexit is not the only challenge the UK has to meet. We are one of the most centralised states in the world and there is a clear link between this and the UK’s low productivity.

Evidence shows that those cities with more freedom to raise money and invest in local priorities are the most able to support economic growth and distribute this growth so everyone benefits. Giving our cities greater freedoms could put £100bn into the economy every year, that's roughly the size of the UK motor vehicle industry.

As power returns from the EU to the UK there is a need for a new settlement that gives cities and city regions the power to take back control and empowers communities and citizens. Delivering more devolution needs to be an important priority for the UK Government, despite Brexit.


Core Cities UK Cabinet