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Manchester City Council is spending almost £7.5m on measures to support people in the city facing financial struggles during the coronavirus outbreak. More than 34,000 people who already receive Council Tax Support, reducing their annual bills by up to 82.5 per cent, will have  a further £150 chopped off their bill for 2020/21. It means, for example, that someone living on their own in a Band A property and receiving full Council Tax Support would have nothing to pay this year. Some £5.63m has been set aside for this element of support, including a contingency amount to cover potential new claimants as well as existing recipients of Council Tax Support. In addition, the Council has allocated a further £1.8m to boost the support available to the most in-need residents.

Fims and individuals across Glasgow have been donating PPE supplies. Glasgow City Council is still seeking donations - email [email protected]

CardiffCFAS understands the struggles families may be facing at this time. Their Family Gateway is available to provide information and assistance for paretns and young people on a range of issues. Find out more Via Twitter (CardiffCFAS).

Sheffield City Council has taken action to suspend arrears enforcement action for an initial three month period. The Coronavirus Act 2020 now also protects business tenants nationally from action for re-entry or forfeiture of tenancies for non-payment of rent until 30th June 2020.As different types of tenants will be affected by Covid-19 in varying ways, a range of approaches will be taken to ensure that all tenants are taken into account.

Birmingham has published details of grants totalling more than £231 million which will begin to be paid to eligible businesses in the city as part of the Government’s COVID-19 support package.

Belfast City Council has suspended rental payments for businesses which operate out of council owned industrial estates.

Arts organisations across Greater Manchester are joining forces to support local freelance artists: Support will be available to freelance artists across Greater Manchester through the newly established GM Artist Hub. This platform will allow people to sign up for sessions with artists, producers and directors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Partners in the programme include HOME, The Lowry and Manchester International Festival.