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Cllr Judith Blake, chair of Core Cities UK and leader of Leeds City Council, said:

“Last night, millions of people across the UK’s great cities voted decisively for change, for a shift away from austerity and toward a brighter, fairer future for our economy and society. Never has there been a more important time for the UK’s nations to look to their cities.

"Core Cities deliver 25 per cent of our economy, are home to 19 million people and hold the key to answering the defining challenges of our age, including diversity and tolerance, sustainable living; and a stronger, more inclusive economy. The penny has finally dropped that all these things rely on a strong public as well as private sector, working together.

“As parliament goes through a period of uncertainty, our cities are ready and able to act.Our commitment is to step up to these challenges, to deliver radical, pragmatic and inclusive solutions.

“Our challenge to the next Government – and to the whole of Parliament – is to work with us and provide the flexibility we need, to unleash the power and potential of our cities to deliver for the whole of the UK.”