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Welcoming the launch of the National Infrastructure Assessment, Cllr Judith Blake, Chair of Core Cities UK and Leader of Leeds City Council, said:

“On behalf of Core Cities UK, I welcome the launch of this ambitious and far reaching National Infrastructure Assessment and want to pay tribute to the work done by Lord Adonis, with whom Core Cities Cabinet has recently been in discussion.
The UK’s infrastructure is currently not fit for purpose and is holding back economic growth particularly in the UK’s biggest cities.  This must be addressed as we approach Brexit, and as the human costs of poor Air Quality become ever more apparent.
This is an issue for all UK cities, recognising that our economy relies on London and all the Core Cities being able to deliver more.  But we also cannot expect cities outside the South East to accept delayed or reversed decisions on infrastructure commitments whilst others go ahead.  As a nation we need to move on from an ‘either-or’ process of decision making, investing to grow the whole of our economy, and creating more freedom in local decision making to speed up the process and reduce costs.
We look forward to working with Lord Adonis and the Commission to deliver the infrastructure our nation needs, and that the communities and businesses of our cities deserve.”
Cllr Judith Blake CBE, Leader of Leeds City Council and Chair of Core Cities UK

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