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June 2016

The Core Cities UK Cabinet was clear in its belief that Remain was the best option for our cities. But the country has narrowly decided on a different course of action. Now our immediate priority is to ensure that the next steps for the UK’s relationship with Europe are taken in a way that is most beneficial to our economies and communities. The many EU citizens that live, work and study in our cities need to be reassured that they have a future here. Businesses that depend on trade with Europe need similar reassurance as do the many European and other foreign owned businesses that have helped drive the renaissance of our cities. Across our ten urban areas alone, 25% of the UK economy is at stake, and our 19 million residents want to know ‘where next’. We are also clear that although this vote shows a very divided Britain, on both sides there is enormous dissatisfaction with a remote and out-of-touch national political elite. This means that what returns from Europe by way of powers and resources cannot be held captive by national parliaments, but must instead be handed down to local democratic structures, giving our citizens the opportunity to decide what is best for their place and an opportunity to develop a widely shared vision for the Britain of the future. We stand ready to work with the UK's parliaments to meet these challenges, but will also set out our own vision for a post-Referendum Britain. Our cities and their populations are international hubs and will remain open and welcoming places, building on our shared values of tolerance and inclusivity. The work of the RSA Inclusive Growth Commission, supported by Core Cities UK, is now even more important to creating a stronger, fairer economy, built bottom-up. Meanwhile, it's important that current negotiations and plans for cities are not put on hold. Devolution Deals, the Buses Bill and HS2 are now even more critical to delivering future national success, and we expect Government to do all it can to progress these at pace.