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This is where you can submit evidence for the Cultural Cities Enquiry.

The deadline for submissions is 22nd June 2018.

Before completing the form below, please:

  • read this summary of the scope of this Enquiry
  • read the guidance below on written submissions
  • consider which research theme your evidence is most relevant to

Guidance for giving evidence:

  • Write your evidence in the text box (up to 250 words). This can include links to websites or reports that may be of interest to the Enquiry


  • Write a brief synopsis of your evidence in the text box (c.100 words) and upload a document (up to 3000 words). We can accept PDF, Word,  Powerpoint or Excel files, up to 10MB. Please use your synopsis to highlight which  section(s) of the document are most relevant
Please note:
  • By submitting evidence, you agree that we can use this for the Enquiry, including publishing the evidence in the final report and attributing this to you
  • If your submission is confidential and you do not want it published, please explain this in the text box below.

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Tax and Public Finance

How can we make optimal use of existing funding and find new sources of public investment for culture? Might this include: reorganisation of public investment, tax reforms (for example considering new taxes or more flexibility of existing ones), linking culture to other areas like health or skills; or other innovative financing approaches?

Property and Development

How can we ensure that cultural spaces are prioritised in city regeneration, creating vibrant destinations for talented people to work and live? How could planners, developers, universities and other organisations enable this? How might the value arising from development be better used to support cultural investment? How could existing city infrastructure be used more imaginatively to provide places for art and culture to be created and consumed?

Sponsorship and Giving

How can we enable all cultural organisations to attract more philanthropic income, not just those that are typically larger and better known? What would incentivise more businesses and individuals to give funds, expertise and time to a wider spread of cultural organisations? Would financial mechanisms like bonds or tax breaks help? How could we promote partnerships that are mutually rewarding and sustained long-term?


How can cultural organisations make optimal use of existing resources? How could the sector create sustainable revenue streams using existing asset bases or by developing new ones? How could partnerships between cultural organisations maximise the impact of limited resources, including through procurement? How could repayable investment be secured and most efficiently used?

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