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The Core Cities Group has a track record of 15 years, now led by a Cabinet of the cities elected Leaders and Mayors. They have made a sustained and evidence-based case to successive governments for greater devolution of freedoms, powers and resource to cities to create jobs and growth, demonstrating how their economic capacity can be unlocked to deliver more.

City Deals have set the tone for a new dialogue with Government, decentralising bespoke packages of power and resource.  Following the Heseltine Review, what are the priorities for devolution to cities in England, will Growth Deals go far enough, and what kinds of issues should they focus on?

This publication addresses these critical questions, with contributions from Lord Heseltine, the Cities Minister Greg Clark, Professor Michael Parkinson and other high-profile authors working on different aspects of the devolution agenda.  For the first time, this book draws together all the main threads of the devolution debate, setting out a clear case and a path to the future.