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Core Cities UK Cabinet has launched a Green Paper, setting out a raft of practical policies that will make Britain a fairer and stronger place.

The Green Paper, launched at a roundtable featuring business leaders and industry bodies from across the UK, calls for Government to let cities and their people ‘get on with the job’ of raising productivity and making sure economic growth benefits everyone while Westminster politicians are distracted by a hung parliament and Brexit.

The document has three key themes and calls for the Government to:

  • Invest: To stimulate Inclusive Growth and support the public services that deliver it.
  • Reform: Further devolution and freedom for cities to reform and align public services and investment -a ‘place-based’ approach.
  • Trust: Trust local people who know their places best to get on with the job, seeing not just city leadership but also communities as equal partners

Consultation has now closed. A new version of the Green Paper will be available shortly.