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Dear Prime Minister

Unleashing the growth potential of the UK’s great cities

Congratulations on your appointment as Prime Minister.

The UK is at a critical point in its history. Future success relies on making our great cities even greater,
unlocking their economic potential for surrounding regions, and through their global links, benefitting the
nation as a whole.

During your time as Mayor of London you understood the need for this to happen, working with us to
champion devolution. This resulted in concrete outcomes including Tax Increment Financing of the Northern
Line extension to Battersea and schemes across the Core Cities, which together accounted for well over £1
billion of additional investment.

We have made progress, but we remain one of the most centralised states in the developed world. It is time
to get cities back on the agenda, boosting their role as powerhouses of growth through the following:

1. Increase the pace and ambition of devolution.
2. Invest in infrastructure, including a continued commitment to deliver HS2 in full.
3. Align all relevant public spending at the level of place in the next Budget or Spending Review.
4. Assign responsibility for delivery of the above to a Cabinet Minister.

The ten Core Cities city regions already deliver 26% of the UK’s prosperity. With these changes we can
bring our economies up to the levels of similar cities globally, adding £100billion a year to the UK balance
sheet. We have asked the OECD to work with us to understand how to boost our productivity.

We will also be more able to address deprivation which accounts for 40% of our low productivity,
strengthening local labour markets. By utilising our global links and soft power networks, the UK can
recalibrate its international standing increasing trade and exports through its cities.

And as the UK’s relationship with Europe shifts, we must reset our own state’s relationship with our citizens,
giving them greater control and ensuring their cities have the powers and freedoms they need to succeed.

We urge you to take forward our proposals and would welcome a meeting with you to discuss how we can
awaken more of the potential of our cities to drive the UK’s economic success at home and abroad. 

Yours sincerely

Core Cities UK Cabinet