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Core Cities UK welcomes the Levelling Up White Paper as a platform for addressing issues we have been concerned with since the founding of our group more than a quarter of a century ago. Indeed, we see Levelling Up as the ‘day job’ for each of our cities.

The task ahead is substantial, regional economic disparity has persisted despite successive attempts to address it. Focused, long term policy alongside serious public and private investment is a critical part of the solution, as is local stability in driving change through, something that cities provide.

Core Cities have a distinctive role within city regions, as economic drivers but also as authorities with specific sets of delivery powers, and as convenors, able to mobilise private investment at scale.

Core Cities are already globally competitive economic hubs, networked across all the UK’s regions and beyond, and we have ambitious plans to unlock more of our potential. Boosting productivity, increasing living standards and reducing deprivation are priorities we all share.

Core Cities can deliver a large part of the Levelling Up agenda, supporting the development of well-functioning city regions and harnessing the technological and social innovation of our cities.