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In 1215 the Magna Carta set out the first constitutional freedoms for England. In turn, it influenced all of Britain and the rest of the world, creating the foundations of modern parliamentary democracy and the rule of law.  That historic act questioned the divine right of royalty to rule arbitrarily on matters for the whole country.  Today, we question the right of central government to dictate so much of what local government does, and what local people can decide.

800 years on there is a need to think once again about how we build a modern, mature state for the UK, capable of succeeding equally at every level from the global to the local. Achieving this means handing some powers and functions further down the line, empowering citizens with more local choice to address the urgent challenges of: driving prosperity, increasing equality and strengthening democracy.

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We have also published a list of reports from a variety of sources aimed at anyone who is interested in the City Devolution agenda.