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Core Cities UK  has spent more than 25 years arguing the case for UK cities. That quarter of a century has seen us make major strides, the biggest one being the fact that all political parties now recognise cities as an opportunity to be grasped rather than a problem to be solved. 

But there is still much to do and as we begin a new chapter in our history we've set out our priorities for the next three years.

We have established the following inter-connected priorities.

1. Economy - Our work on the future of Urban Britain, including tackling productivity. 

2. Climate Change - Working with 3CI to deliver Net Zero as an investment and jobs dividend.

3. International - Using city diplomacy to extend our UK-wide and global reach. 

4. Infrastructure - Increasing housing numbers, sustainability and quality. 

5. Urban health and wellbeing - Seeing this as a first order economic issue, increasing health and employment through public service innovation.