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Return from lockdown relies on public opinion, shaped by local experience and trusted voices. Only Core Cities’ leadership have the population-level engagement to successfully manage this for their places.

This crisis has made clear that a well-functioning economy relies on public services which must be resourced to manage a safe return and eventual recovery. These have been hit hard in cities, by higher levels of increased service demand and reduced income. More support is required, tailored to local needs.

We must also plan now for a greener, more inclusive economic future. We cannot simply forget the issues of climate emergency, a low-wage, low productivity economy and regional disparity that must be addressed. Local knowledge and data on health, the economy and wellbeing of our communities has to be given greater consideration, working jointly with us on national plans and sharing information for the benefit of all.

Core Cities will bring forward further proposals to address all these issues, and ask Government to work closely with us on plans to return from lockdown, based on the following four principles.